Real Estate and Construction


The Indian real estate market is likely to be worth 180 billion dollars by 2020. With the Real Estate Regulation Act, the real estate and construction industry is now on the cusp of a major transformation towards transparency, accountability and customer service. Furthermore, real estate and construction sector is governed by laws, which depending upon the situation, could be governed by both state and central laws. Title deeds in respect of lands are often drafted with local languages. Furthermore, succession and inheritance laws which govern the transmission of title differ depending upon the religion and community that the individuals belong to.

In such a complex context, our understanding and background as litigators in family disputes concerning partition of family properties, constitutional law and land law disputes enables us to add value to clients for both real estate transactions and dispute resolution. Attorneys of Factum Law have assisted banks, finance institutions, real estate and construction companies and enterprises in title due diligence, lease and sale transactions, mortgage transactions and joint development transactions. In addition, we routinely represent clients in dispute resolution proceedings which often involve complex issues concerning succession, inheritance and partition and have secured favourable resolutions.