Practice Area

Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in India is valued at 39.71 billion dollars and is only slated to grow in the years to come. The F & B industry is governed by a complex regulatory regime defined both at the central and the state levels. Factum Law advises and represents some of the biggest players in the F&B industry on issues ranging from Intellectual Property Enforcement, indirect tax compliance to compliance with the Food Standards and Safety Act, 2006, the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 and claims under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Information Technology, Data Processing and Analytics

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Aviation and Space Industry

India is both a manufacturing hub for the aerospace industry as well as an emerging leader in space activities. With low cost of manufacturing, availability of skilled labour and excellent leadership through the Indian Space Research Organisation, India has made a name for itself in the space sector.

From assisting industry players with their indirect tax compliance to facilitating technology transfer agreements and foreign direct investment, Factum Law has significant industry experience coupled with sound legal knowledge that is of value to this industry.

Lawyers of the firm have been invited by the Professional Staff of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee and Swissnex to participate in discussions on regulations governing this industry.

Medical Electronics, Health and Pharmaceutical Industry

The market for medical electronics in India is worth USD 1 Billion Dollars and is expected to is expected to grow by five times in the next three years. The Pharmaceutical sector alone is worth USD 36.7 billion dollars. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940; India’s principal legislation governing this industry, prescribes a stringent regulatory framework that is often uncertain in its application to emerging technologies. Seen in the context of India’s emphasis on universal health care; businesses often have to grapple with an unclear statutory compliance regime in addition to difficulties around IP protection and enforcement.

Lawyers at Factum Law not only have strong fundamentals in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940; but have served on ethics committees which review clinical trials of new drugs. Combined with our expertise in the jurisprudence governing data privacy and telemedicine; we are uniquely suited to assist clients in this sector in complying with the law, preparing to meet changing context and scenarios imposed by the mandate for universal healthcare defined in the constitution and achieving protection for their Intellectual property.

Media and Entertainment

With language diversity and a strong appetite for news and entertainment, the media and entertainment sector in India operates in a dynamic market. Lawyers at Factum law have advised some of India’s largest film production houses on securing their contractual relationships with artists, musicians, lyricists, directors and other professionals associated with every project. In addition, our background and expertise in civil and criminal litigation allows us to address issues involving freedom of speech, libel and slander prosecutions.

Significant work in this area includes:

  • Advised and represented a Hollywood actor in protecting and enforcing his Intellectual property in India.
  • Represent a telecom and broadcasting company in anti-piracy law suits.
  • Advising and assisting a Canadian film production company in negotiating and finalising artist and music composition agreements.
  • Advised a film production house in south india in negotiating and finalising artist agreements, music composers agreement, director’s agreement for a 100 crore budgeted cinema.

Real Estate and Construction

The Indian real estate market is likely to be worth 180 billion dollars by 2020. With the Real Estate Regulation Act, the real estate and construction industry is now on the cusp of a major transformation towards transparency, accountability and customer service. Furthermore, real estate and construction sector is governed by laws, which depending upon the situation, could be governed by both state and central laws. Title deeds in respect of lands are often drafted with local languages. Furthermore, succession and inheritance laws which govern the transmission of title differ depending upon the religion and community that the individuals belong to.

In such a complex context, our understanding and background as litigators in family disputes concerning partition of family properties, constitutional law and land law disputes enables us to add value to clients for both real estate transactions and dispute resolution. Attorneys of Factum Law have assisted banks, finance institutions, real estate and construction companies and enterprises in title due diligence, lease and sale transactions, mortgage transactions and joint development transactions. In addition, we routinely represent clients in dispute resolution proceedings which often involve complex issues concerning succession, inheritance and partition and have secured favourable resolutions.